Amma's Seva Signup What makes Amma happy is to see her children helping others to feel happy. — Amma About Amma

About is a volunteer supported web application intended to facilitate seva management for Amma's tour. While works closely with tour coordinators, it is not directly affiliated with Amma and her charitable activities. For more information about Amma, visit

Mission was created to...
  • To enabled coordinators to efficiently manage their sevas in a centralized location.
  • To make learning about and signing up for sevas easier for devotees.
  • To facilitate communications between devotees, regional coordinators and tour staff.

About the Site

We take every effort to protect user information on this site, and work hard to treat all information on this site with respect. We will never willingly share user information on this site with any party not directly associated with the seva management process. This may include local and regional seva coordinators, program coordinators and tour staff associated with the seva management. To remove yourself, and all associated pieces of information, from this web application, contact technical support below.


For help on most pages, click the Help in the upper right corner of the page. For support with signing up for a seva, please contact the seva coordinator by clicking the contact icon on the Find Seva or My Sevas page. If you have questions about a seva for this particular program, contact If you have experienced an error on this web site, or have suggetions on how to make better, please contact

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