Amma's Seva Signup What makes Amma happy is to see her children helping others to feel happy. — Amma About Amma
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Seva Dictionary

Use this page to see details about each of the sevas in the currently selected program. Hover over icons next to the seva names to see additional details about the seva. User your browsers find feature (CTRL+F) to search within the page.

Amma Shop Security       
Show people cashier locations, direct merchandise questions to staff members, ensure everyone pays for their merchandise. Requires standing in one area. Please report to Seva Desk 5 minutes before the start of your shift.
Do a light clean as needed. Walk the venue and tidy up the hall in preparation for the next program. Times shown may vary. All shifts begin 30 minutes before programs end.
Flower Bucket Runner      
Check flower bucket and fruit basket near Amma's chair every 10 to 15 minutes. If full, replace with empty bucket and/or basket. Take full baskets and buckets to Flower Room. Distribute washed fruit and new flowers to Flower sales tables as directed by Flower Room Staff. Please report to the Seva Desk 5 minutes before your shift begins. (Note: this is not the position that sits by Amma's chair taking fruit/flowers.)
Greening: Recycling/Compost       
Frequently monitor the recycling and garbage containers in food serving areas and ensure that people are placing waste in the proper receptacles. May help with compost recycling. Requires close-toed shoes. See Recycling/Garbage/Compost Coordinator at Seva Desk 5 minutes before start of shift. Assist with moving recycling & compost to loading dock area for disposal.
Play a key role in making the program as special as possible for newcomers and returning devotees alike! In this diverse and engaging seva, you will assist with questions and answers, directions, general program flow, and generally be part of the smiling face that welcomes people to the program. Join the fun! Please remember as we are the first devotees the public gets to see. It is requested we wear some appropriate street clothes of color. (Not dressed all in whites.) Thank you.
Laundry Party         
Join us for a fun outing to a local laundromat to do the laundry for the hard working tour staff. Wash, dry, fold, chant your mantra, and return to the hotel in our luxury van. We are also looking for local devotees to take staff laundry to wash and dry in their own home. Seva is suitable for ages 18 and older. Meet at the Seva desk.
Line Guide / Atma Puja Seating       
Create a peaceful and calm atmosphere as people come into the hall for the Atma Puja. Help them sit in the correct seating arrangement and answer any questions. Wear white if possible. SATURDAY MORNING and EVENING and SUNDAY MORNING and EVENING (atma puja) HALL and OVERFLOW ROOM SEATING: Please meet at the Darshan Line Table in the hall a few minutes before the shift starts. Make yourself known to Pujita and Aryan (hall seating coordinators). FOR ATMA PUJA SEATING - Sunday evening: There will be an orientation at 2:30pm during the end of Sunday morning program. Please meet Aryan and Pujita at the darshan line table for your orientation - this meeting should take no more than 45 minutes.
Mantra Cards      
Ask each person in line if they would like to read about mantras. If yes, give them a laminated mantra card to read, and let them know it will be collected from them at the front of the line. Do Not engage in conversation with the devotees about mantras, if they ask questions, just let them know that they can get all of their questions answered in the short mantra orientation right after they have received darshan. Periodically collect the cards back from the Gatekeeper, or just collect them from people in the line who have finished reading them. The person in this position is responsible for collecting back ALL of the mantra cards given out, BEFORE the devotees get onto the stage. This person must pass on to the next person doing this seva ALL of the cards they were given, and not letting any become lost or be taken away by devotees. The set of cards we have travels the entire tour, and must remain complete! PLEASE MEET WITH TUSTHI, HELEN, or SANGEETA AT THE DARSHAN LINE DESK FOR TRAINING AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR SHIFT. THANK YOU
Program Hall & Stage Setup and Breakdown      
This to help with getting everything setup for Amma's Programs. Basically is to help wherever you can with loading/unloading, help with setting up rooms, signs/banners, Prepare and install decorations, iron and hang post covers, side panels, backdrops and stage skirts. Rigging railings, backdrop hardware, temple and light fittings. Everyone that helps with Setup and tear down of programs also gets a nice treat of delicious food after this particular seva. When you arrive please find Eswar for general hall set up or Swarna for stage set up for any instructions. Remember for those participating in this seva we will provide food for sustenance.
Program Hall Preparation    
Help set up the the event and ensure that everything looks beautiful. Please contact Shirley Rutherford at the end of the morning programs for hall clean up or Brad Joss for hall clean up at the end of the evening programs.
Program Safety        
Help keep the programs safe! Patrol the inside and outside of the Hall. Please bring a yellow T-shirt or windbreaker if you have one. Report to the Seva Desk 5 minutes prior to your shift. NOTE: This task requires additional approvals from the seva coordinator after sign-up, and it may require additional training before the shift starts.
Snack Shop Servers        
Serves food. Helps to keep the area neat clean. Reorganizes and restocks sales area with food, drinks and supplies. Assists the snack shop team leader as requested. Snack shop is open from the beginning to end of each program.
This team works in conjunction with the safety and assisted darshan teams to provide emotional and behavioral support during the program. TLC team has one member on call with a walkie talkie during the program. Mental health or healthcare background desirable but not necessary. Whoever is available to meet at 8am on 6/2/18 in the coordinator room (where the walkie talkies sign out is), we can check in then re: TLC team purpose and event specific issues. Otherwise, we can speak individually 253.514.1143. Thanks! Susie NOTE: This task requires additional approvals from the seva coordinator after sign-up, and it may require additional training before the shift starts.

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